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and the results that previous coaching clients have obtained

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Prior to coaching from Shaun, I felt that I was facing a journey alone and that I didn’t have that person I could reach out to for advice and experiential compassion.
I had tried IAPT (CBT inspired interventions) to manage the worry I was experiencing and I have been attending couples counselling sessions which are more focused on the infertility process - rather than the emotional impact.
Following Shaun’s coaching, my thoughts felt clearer and I have been more able to express my tho
ughts and feelings with the people around me. 
Shaun provides a safe space to express yourself without prejudice and give you the time to think and come to our own conclusions which maybe isn’t so easy in the modern world.

Max E


Infertility had put me in a deep state of depression, overwhelmed by anxiety, and constantly grappling with a sense of confusion and purposelessness. The core issue was my struggle with infertility. The inability to conceive and become a father had cast a heavy shadow over my life
In my attempts to address these issues, I turned to the internet for guidance. However, this approach turned out to be counterproductive. This experience taught me that seeking genuine help requires a more personalised and nuanced approach.
Working with Shaun, who had been through the same struggles, provided a common ground and a sense of comfort, knowing that I was working with someone who had experienced what I was going through and could genuinely understand my feelings and struggles.
Shaun’s coaching brought about a profound shift in my perspective. One of the most significant changes was the realisation that I wasn't alone in facing the challenges of infertility. Hearing positive stories from him and learning about the journey of parenthood from someone who had gone through it was incredibly reassuring. It provided me with hope and a renewed sense of optimism.
Moreover, Shaun’s guidance on how to navigate daily life with a more positive outlook, despite the ongoing struggle, was invaluable. The coping strategies he shared helped me reframe my mindset and approach my challenges with a more constructive attitude. This change in mind
set had a cascading effect on various aspects of my life, not just in dealing with infertility, but also in managing my emotional well-being overall.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Shaun to anyone grappling with the emotional challenges of infertility or similar issues. He possesses a rare combination of genuine kindness and high-level expertise. His personal experience lends authenticity to his guidance, making it more relatable and impactful. Shaun is not just a skilled coach, he is also someone who can provide a safe space to share feelings and fears, while also offering practical strategies for emotional healing and growth.

Eber Oliveira


Before working with Shaun I was finding it hard to come to terms with a diagnosis of Azoospermia. I had tried multiple versions of talking therapy, but found I was having to continually explain the context of my circumstances given nearly all were unfamiliar with male factor infertility, especially my condition. Most had never heard of it, so seemed ill-equipped to have a constructive conversation about it.


I found out about Shaun's work via a counsellor my wife and I were assigned following an unsuccessful Micro TESE procedure and reached out a few months later. It took me a while to get in touch as it felt like a real step into the unknown. Shaun responded quickly, putting me at ease with his warm demeanour and we connected over a video call. I find his pragmatic style of coaching useful, he's kind and thoughtful in the questions he asks which frame his responses. He also suggests and each session ends with a basic plan of steps to take over the following weeks. Perhaps most importantly for me, is the fact he can relate exactly to the stories and emotions I share in our sessions as he's been in the exact same position. 


I would definitely recommend Shaun to someone navigating male infertility. Our sessions and being able to swap stories of the tests, procedures and overall experiences of donor conception from the male perspective has been invaluable to me and has given me the mental fortitude to get through some dark moments.
Will S


Due to my situation, I felt really worried and stressed. I had been diagnosed as having zero sperm, and was scheduled to have a microtese.
I was a little bit nervous about talking, before my first session with Shaun, but after speaking and gaining confidence it helped massively.
Having worked with Shaun, I felt more confident about having the operation, and his perspective regarding donor sperm have helped me through my infertility, as that’s the path we are now taking.
I would highly recommended working with Shaun, not only is he a great coach, but he’s been through exactly the same as what I am, and that massively helps.
Keep being you, and keep helping people like myself and others going through the same situation. Thank you.

Chris Bath-Smith 


I just want to drop you a message to thank you.


You've been coaching my husband Stephen. Since he's been working with you, he's become a new person. It's like the man I fell in love with is back, but not just the original Stephen, a more open, more emotionally intelligent, and stronger version of him. It's like a light has been switched back on.


I can seriously not thank you enough. We were just stuck in the same situation before, and he won't talk to me at all. We've now chosen our donor, and both feel super excited to finally move forward with our treatment and our lives.


I will recommend you to anyone who ever asks!

Laura R

I came to Shaun feeling very anxious and nervous. I had a lack of self esteem and motivation to do daily tasks - including a portfolio of work that I needed to complete for my career.


I had tried talking with close family and my wife. It was great talking with them, however I felt I could open up more to Shaun and relate more, as there was a definite understanding there.


After coaching from Shaun I felt heavily motivated to finish off my portfolio, and am now more positive spirit minded, and have a drive and eagerness to get daily tasks done, and engage in more communication with family & friends. Shaun goes in-depth on the questioning and explores ways of how to get the best out of you, he really goes above & beyond. Getting to know the person/background before anything.


He’s a great role model to follow, and an inspiration. Definitely recommend to anybody who is suffering from male infertility. Keep doing what you're doing. Amazing work.

Fertility issues had me feeling very flat and lethargic. Both mentally and physically. 
I had joint counselling with my wife which helped us, but I hadn't considered individual sessions though. I was apprehensive about opening up to someone, which is normal yet still not easy to accept, until I started working with Shaun.
Shaun asked the right questions that made me think more about the situation. He helped me open up easier. His suggestions instilled a new ‘get up and go’ for me. 
Shaun is approachable, patient, thoughtful, and fair. Thanks again as it was a big help during a difficult period for us/me.



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